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Super Carb 60 Servings 5 Flavors - Nutrabio


Product Description

Performance & Recovery Carb Fuel
3.4 Lbs. - 60 Servings
5 Flavors  -  Pick your Favorite



UPC: Does Not Apply
Weight: 80 oz 



Benefits of NutraBio Super Carb:

  • Rapidly fuels performance with no stomach discomfort.
  • Replenishes glycogen stores for accelerated recovery.
  • 100% Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin.
  • Advanced electrolyte performance matrix.
  • Zero fillers, maltodextrin, dextrose, or additives.
  • No proprietary blends and full label disclosure.



Every few years, one of these drops on the industry and shakes it to its core. It's one of those products that originates in select professional locker rooms and is talked about between elite nutrition gurus and world-class athletes destined for glory. Slowly, more and more pro athletes embrace it because they'll pay for the best without hesitation. A supplement that actually works? Or better yet, a supplement not spiked with some performance enhancing drug that REALLY works?

Once word gets out, everyone must have this new innovation. In our case, that innovation is the single ingredient wonder carb known as highly branched cyclic dextrin (aka Cluster Dextrin®). It's been the secret weapon of some of the most dominant performance athletes of the past decade, and now it can be yours too.


NutraBio's Super Carb represents a true breakthrough in carbohydrate technology because it's clinically validated to increase performance to unheard of levels while limiting any semblance of gastrointestinal distress. It achieves this by having a high molecular weight and ultra-low osmolality. Osmolality is an indicator of how fast a liquid will move through the stomach, which is why no carbohydrate on the market can rival the effectiveness NutraBio Cluster Dextrin®.

Even better, in clinical research, highly branched cyclic dextrin has been shown to lower markers for stress hormones after exhaustive exercise when compared to other carbohydrates. When you combine this with the fact that it's sustained release and doesn't increase inflammatory markers like some other carbohydrates on the market, it then becomes a truly remarkable performance aid. Remember, for real athletes working out day in and day out HIGH STRESS HORMONES = BAD, HIGH INFLAMMATION = BAD. Can any carbohydrate source demonstrate clinical data like this? Not until now.


The more you sweat, the more electrolytes you lose. The harder and longer you exercise, the more critical it becomes to replace electrolytes as you continue. If you don't replace them, you run the risk of cramping and losing control over your muscle function. This happens because electrolytes are critical to maintaining water balance and maintaining the neuromuscular junction that allows your brain to communicate with your muscles. At NutraBio labs, we only use the best ingredients. Because of this, our cleverly crafted electrolyte blend was designed using Albion Labs premier mineral complexes as electrolyte donors. These can help to ensure efficient muscle contractions while eliminating the potential for cramping because you've become dehydrated from training hard.

There you have it. Super Carb is the MUST-HAVE performance carbohydrate for intelligent athletes and weightlifters of all backgrounds and ages because it's banned-substance free. NutraBio is known for being 100% transparent for its customers and has been for well over a decade. We have never been sued for amino acid spiking, cited by the authorities for putting drugs in our products, or for cheating on our label claims. What you see is what you get and we are 100% legitimate while being 110% committed to bringing you the cleanest products ever created. You TRAIN WITHOUT COMPROMISE, and we've put every ounce of effort into designing Super Carb WITHOUT COMPROMISE.


Suggested Use: Based on your performance needs, mix 1 to 2 scoops of Super Carb into 12-16 oz. of water. Shake well for 30-45 seconds. Consume before, during, or after intense exercise as needed for added energy. Increase your dosage if engaging in prolonged exertion for 2 hours or more.

WARNING: NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, have known medical conditions (including kidney or liver disease) or are taking prescription or OTC medication(s) consult with your health care practitioner before using this product.

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