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Alpha Lion DYNAMINE 100% 50mg Helps Increase Mood, Energy & Focus -- 60 capsules

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  • Helps Increase Mood & Energy & Focus
  • Clean lasting energy with no crash
  • Improves Physical Performance
  • No stimulant side effects
The GAINS CANDY™ SERIES was created to allow you to upgrade your performance to SUPERHUMAN levels both inside and outside of the gym.
Every person is so unique and we wanted to create a solution that allowed YOU to customize your workout or your day by experimenting with your ideal dosage using the most cutting edge single ingredients available.

Dynamine known chemically as 2-methoxy-1,7,9-trimethyluric acid. Similar in structure and being an alkaloid found in the Kucha leaf, Dynamine is also known as methylliberine.
It has many of the same properties as TeaCrine including increases in energy, mood and over all mental focus.
However unlike TeaCrine, Dynamine is quicker acting and harder hitting, having an onset of effect within 30 minutes whereas TeaCrine can take 60 minutes.

How to use Dynamine™

1. As a Standalone Ingredient
Dynamine as a great standalone ingredient but when stacked with other ingredients the synergistic effects are compounded.
it is recommended to take 2-4 capsules (100mg-200mg) when taking it alone. However when taken with stimulating ingredients such as Caffeine or TeaCrine this dosage can be reduced.

2. Increase Performance in the Gym
Stack Dynamine with either SuperHuman Pre Workout or Komodo Pump Non Stim Pre Workout.
Start by experimenting with 1 capsule (50mg) and increase based on how you feel. If taking with SuperHuman a dose of 100mg should work nicely and if taking with Komodo Pump as there are no other stimulants a dose of up to 200mg will work nicely.
However, experiment to find what works for you as this is why the Gains Candy Series was created.
For an even more upgraded workout you can add in TeaCrine to this stack.

3. Stack Dynamine with Teacrine and Caffeine
This is a great combo due to the different half lives of all 3 ingredients.
Caffeine having the shortest, TeaCrine the longest and Dynamine being in the middle. By stacking all 3 you can expect clean, long lasting energy, increased mood and focus without any jitters or crash.
This combo is great for work, study, the gym, and gamers looking to optimize their day.
Start with 1 capsule of TeaCrine (50mg) + 1 capsule of Dynamine (50mg) + 100mg Caffeine and slowly increase dosages based on the effects you feel.



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