Nutrabio Coral Calcium Powder - 500 Grams (EcoPure)

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Benefits of NutraBio Coral Calcium Powder

  • Contains 73 pure ionic minerals.
  • Maintains positive PH for alkaline balance.
  • 3.3 micron average particle size.
  • Spoon mixes with no gritty taste or residue.
  • Produced from ecologically safe above-sea coral.
  • Backed by the 30-day money back guarantee.

Our Coral Calcium is made from 100% EcoPure (EcoSafe) food-grade, ultra-micronized above sea Coral Calcium. This is the purest, contaminant free Coral Calcium in the world and contains no additives or fillers of any kind. EcoPure is the only Coral Calcium purified in an ozone chamber recognized by the FDA. Other companies use high heat sterilization which heats the coral calcium to over 1000 degrees turning the Coral Calcium into calcite. Each batch is laboratory-tested and assayed to ensure that you are getting 99.9% pure coral calcium.

A naturopathic doctor usually recommends one to two grams per day as a maintenance supply for a healthy adult. To reverse a specific condition (i.e. raising pH or building bone density), a double dose is often recommended and to address a chronic condition, a triple dose. No known toxicity level exists. It can be helpful to take the coral directly before bed, because coral does promote a restful night's sleep.

What are the benefits Coral Minerals:

The Okinawan people are known for having one of the longest life expectancies of any other culture. Many scientists credit this to their high mineral intake, which comes from the Coral Calcium naturally found in their drinking water. Chemical analysis of Coral Calcium shows that it contains up to 74 different minerals that naturally mimics the mineral concentration of the human body and provides significant health benefits. Coral Calcium raises the protective alkaline levels (pH) within the body, so you have more life-giving oxygen being supplied to every cell to help fight premature cell aging and unfriendly invaders. Coral Calcium is a whole food that's not only vital for strong bones and teeth, but for your cardiovascular and nerve systems, as well.

All coral in this product is harvested from above sea coral. NutraBio respects the fragile state of the coral reefs and ocean environment. Unfortunately, other companies do take dead coral rubble from the ocean. Dredging the ocean floor devastates the ocean ecology and is detrimental to the living reefs. Coral larvae propagate in the dead coral debris and any disturbance directly affects the life of the living reef. Thousands of years ago this coral was a thriving coral reef. Geologically, this coral was pushed up above sea level, free from the ocean pollution of the industrial era. Only the pristine white coral heads are harvested. This harvesting process involves removal of the protective layer of soil that accumulated over the eons and collecting the ancient coral. The environmental consequences are similar to any small land based mining operation. After the coral is collected it is ground into an average 3.3 micron size powder (smaller than a red blood cell). After grinding the coral is purified in a vacuum ozone chamber and then packaged for distribution.

Read this first before purchasing any other Coral Calcium!

NutraBio Coral Calcium consists of 100% Eco-Pure coral powder. Nothing has been added to the coral. The coral powder is extremely fine (3.3 average microns, the consistency of talcum powder). So fine that a small amount on the tongue simply absorbs through the mouth, one does not even need to swallow. Eco Pure Coral was originally developed for vegetarians and other purists but has become popular with many people, especially senior citizens and children that do not cooperate with taking pills.