Nutrabio Glucosamine Sulfate Powder (Vegan) - 500 Grams

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Benefits of NutraBio Glucosamine Sulfate Powder (Vegan)

  • Supports the health of joints and cartilage.*
  • Promotes nutrients that help lubrication for joint comfort.*
  • Glucosamine stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid which is important for tissue growth, regeneration and wound healing.*
  • NutraBio Glucosamine Sulfate provides a form of glucosamine that is easily absorbed.*

NutraBio Glucosamine Sulfate provides a form of glucosamine that is easily absorbed.*

Glucosamine forms the building blocks of vital compounds called mucopolysaccharides that are necessary for the construction and maintenance of virtually all connective tissue and lubricating fluid in the body, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage and synovial (joint) fluid. Glucosamine Sulfate is a form of glucosamine that may easily allow for sulfur to be incorporated into cartilage.Glucosamine sulfate may support easing of joint discomfort while increasing flexibility. Glucosamine sulfate may help rebuild cartilage - something traditional NSAID pain relievers are unable to do.

Glucosamine (C6H14NO5) is a naturally occurring amino-sugar utilized by the body to support healthy joint structures. Glucosamine is synthesized in the body through a process that includes glutamine and sugar. It is unlike other sugars in that it is incorporated into the structure of tissues rather than being used as an energy source. Glucosamine is an important precursor in the biochemical synthesis of glycosylated proteins and lipids. Glucosamine may provide the building blocks for constructing cartilage.

Glucosamine is a precursor for glycosaminoglycan (GAG) which is important for healthy cartilage and joints. Glycosaminoglycans are important for the production and maintenance of most connective tissues and lubricating fluids throughout the body and are a major component of joint cartilage. Supplementing with glucosamine sulfate may help to rebuild cartilage.

Glucosamine sulfate may help athletes or those with arthritis or joint pain. Glucosamine absorbs and releases water with each step and thereby acts as a shock absorber for the joints offering long-term protection for athletes. Glucosamine is also important for the formation and maintenance of nails, tendons, skin, eyes, bones, and heart valves it also plays a role in the mucous secretion of the digestive, respiratory, and urinary tracts.

Glucosamine HCl or Sulfate:

There is discussion over which of the two Glucosamine salts, hydrochloride or sulfate, is preferred for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The answer is straightforward - both salts, in the pure form, deliver equally effective amounts of the desired Glucosamine to joint cartilage. Some studies have shown the HCL to be more effective and some have shown the sulfate to be more effective, so it would be prudent to either try both individually and see which one works better for you. Glucosamine by itself is unstable and needs a carrier molecule such as sulfate or HCL. In the end its the Glucosamine that offers the benefit and not the carrier molecule.