Res-Q LDL-XQ10 Cholesterol Health 120caps - Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10
Res-Q LDL-XQ10 Cholesterol Health 120caps - Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10

Res-Q LDL-XQ10 Cholesterol Health 120caps - Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10

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The liver produces up to 80 percent of cholesterol; exactly how much yours produces depends somewhat on your genetics.This product contains natural cholesterol-lowering properties that work to counteract the overproduction of LDL levels, resulting in rapid cholesterol-lowering benefits.

Red yeast rice is a Chinese food and medicinal that has been used safely for centuries to help lower cholesterol, improve circulation and aid in digestion. Made by a natural fermentation process of rice with a proven, safe type of yeast called monascus purpureus went, this Res-Q LDL-XQ10 is a natural powerhouse with 12 natural beneficial compounds and no synthetic ingredients. CoQ10 was added because it is beneficial to heart health and muscle function. It should be noted that statins deplete your body of CoQ10.

An independent study published by the Mayo Clinic confirmed that levels of LDL cholesterol were reduced by 42.4 percent following consumption of the Res-Q 1250 omega3s and Res-Q LDL-X red yeast rice (the former name of Res-Q LDL-XQ10 with the same formula minus the CoQ10), in combination with lifestyle changes, compared to reductions of 39.6 percent in the group that took a statin medication.

If you want to maintain healthy LDL cholesterol levels safely and naturally, without the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs, Res-Q LDL-XQ10 may be the product for you.


For best results, take 2 capsules twice a day with Res-Q 1250 omega-3. Use as part of a comprehensive program that includes dietary changes and exercise..



Do not use if pregnant, have a history of liver disease, are an organ transplant recipient or have had major surgery within the last eight weeks. Discontinue use if you experience any unexplained muscle pain or tenderness, especially if accompanied by flu-like symptoms. Not intended for those under the age of 18.